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Self's Destiny and Self - Preface

The purpose of this book is twofold. First, to demonstrate mathematically that the Holy Bible is the revealed word of God by showing the author of the Book of Revelation, who wrote the book prior to 100 AD, possessed mathematical and computational capabilities, which were not available until the advent of the digital computer in the 1960s. The second is to quantify and analyze how your nature will determine your relationship with God, other people and eventually your ultimate destiny.

My hope is to stimulate your concern about your future and the future of all humanity. Something as important as your eternal destiny certainly warrants your personal attention and investigation. This book was started in 1988 and has been a part-time effort for over 20 years as part of a personal study of truth with respect to the actual universe in which we exist. This investigation has helped me to be more sensitive to other people, the nature of life and the anticipation of death. The hope is that this book will aid you in your investigation and understanding of our universe.

When you contemplate your future and ultimate destiny, your conclusion will be unique to you and will depend upon your nature. Your nature determines your goals, how you relate to other people and your view of life, death and the world in general. Your nature is the essence of you. It is your soul. This book examines the uniqueness of your nature, how your nature interfaces with the world, what type of nature you have, the influence your nature has on your destiny and how you can alter both your nature and your destiny.

To achieve these objectives, the first chapter of this book is devoted to developing a mathematical representation of a person called "the Model of Self". This model describes how people incorporate new information into their understanding of reality (i.e., their "Model of the True Universe") in order to make decisions with respect to new information and experiences. Self's nature is characterized by one's Model of the True Universe and all of an individual's decisions are derived from it. The "Model of Self" also provides insight into self's truth, anxiety, hope and emotional stability.

Chapter Two focuses on how the "Model of Self" applies when dealing with other people in an organization. It shows how organizations function in a manner similar to individuals and introduces a quantitative characterization of the power and influence of particular individuals within an organization. A person's "Model of the True Universe" is unique to himself and it is this model that determines what he contributes to a group, organization, or society.

Chapter Three identifies three primary model types for the universe. All people in the world possess a model that includes one or a blend of two of the three primary model types. The primary model types are:

  1. Occult-Centered Universe Models
  2. Self-Centered Universe Models
  3. Biblically-Centered Universe Models

All people possess a set of religious beliefs, which have spiritual and physical characteristics established by their "Model of the True Universe".

Chapter Four conducts this analysis on a global scale by applying these principles to the population of the entire world. This chapter evaluates the relationship between the primary models and the seven churches identified in the Holy Bible's Book of Revelation. When the number of people possessing a given nature is computed, using a normal distribution with respect to the world's population, the following conclusions are identified and will be examined and developed further throughout the remaining chapters.

Chapter Five introduces a new calendar called Original Sin (OS), which starts at 0000 OS with the fall of man in the Garden of Eden and continues through God's reconciliation with mankind. The synchronization between the calendar of Original Sin and the Gregorian calendar is evaluated.

Chapter Six analyzes the destiny of each of the seven natures of man, the judgment applied to each nature, the number of people involved and the duration of their tribulation. The analysis further demonstrates that the various stages of the Tribulation correspond to the normal distribution curve and it also identifies that the time each person spends in tribulation will be determined by which of the 7 basic natures they possess.

Chapter Seven explores the New Age, post Tribulation, world by comparing differences between the appointed times for the Exodus, Tabernacle, and Kingdom periods. This New Age is 1000 years in length and ends with the final judgment of all mankind.

The eighth and final chapter discusses how you can influence your ultimate destiny today and ensure that your nature will be judged acceptable to enter the New Age to come.

The eighth and final chapter discusses how you can influence your ultimate destiny today and ensure that your nature will be judged acceptable to enter the New Age to come.

Update 9 October 2015